Road Biking the Ho Chi Minh Highway


On this Ho Chi Minh bicycle tour, your road bike takes you up mountain passes, along glistening rivers, and through jagged valleys. It’s the beauty of Vietnam's landscape that will make you happy to be riding on the newly-built Ho Chi Minh Highway. Of course, other sites on this historic road will make you pause and contemplate the past, but let the scenery wash over you as you explore this remote area of Vietnam.

Tour Dates


  • September 3 – 13 *Confirmed
  • November 12 – 22
  • December 17 – 27 *Confirmed


  • January 7 – 17
  • March 10 – 20
  • September 1 – 11
  • November 10 – 20
  • December 15 – 25

Tour Details

  • Duration: 11-days
  • Ride Type: Road 
  • Difficulty: Fondo (Level 4 of 6)
  • Average Daily Mileage: 64
  • Price: $2,300

The wide, smooth undulating highway with little traffic is a cyclist’s dream. Led by a local and English-speaking guide, we experience authentic Vietnam on our route of 922 km through farms, orchards, tribal villages set amongst spectacular scenery.

Along the way, explore one of Vietnam’s most spectacular caves, war sites, and the ancient royal seat of Hue.

Once a small track used only by locals and ponies, the Ho Chi Minh Trail expanded into an elaborate system of mountain and jungle trails to roads for vehicles to transport troops, millions of tons of foodstuff, weapons, and other essentials during the war. This web of trails ran for 2,000 km, roughly parallel to the Vietnam/Laos border, along the Truong Son Mountains.

Today, the many paths criss-cross the Ho Chi Minh Highway, a well-made, paved road that cuts through some spectacular landscapes. This unique bike tour in Vietnam takes you through the most scenic northern to central section, ending in Hue.

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1 – Meet in Hanoi
DAY 2 – Hanoi – Mai Chau – Phu Luong
DAY 3 – Mai Chau – Ngoc Lac
DAY 4 – Ngoc Lac – Thai Hoa
DAY 5 – Thai Hoa – Pho Chau
DAY 6 – Pho Chau – Phong Nha
DAY 7 – Phong Nha – Dong Nha
DAY 8 – Dong Hai – Cam Lo – Khe Sanh
DAY 9 – Khe Sanh – A Luoi
DAY 10 – A Luoi – Hue
DAY 11 – Departure

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  • Wide, smooth undulating highway with little traffic
  • Cycle through farms, orchards, & tribal villages
  • Night in Thai ethnic stilt house 
  • Ride along Song Ma River – linked to Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Picturesque scenery from the saddle on the Ho Chi Minh Highway
  • Ride through fertile crop areas of coffee, rubber, tea & fruits
  • Phong Nha National Park
  • Boat ride to explore illuminated caves
  • Cycle along white sand beaches
  • Truong Son Cemetery
  • Visit Imperial City of Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


  • SpiceRoads jersey
  • Water bottle
  • Support vehicle
  • Guide(s)
  • Meals (as indicated)
  • Accommodation
  • Snacks and drinks

Absolutely brilliant tour! The route was very well cultivated – amazing cycling profile and amazing scenery – and at every point we were very well supported by the mechanics and guide. The end result was a smooth tour, where all we needed to do was focus on cycling and enjoying the country.

– Isaac W

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