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  • Looking for an adventure? Whether in the US or OUS- Lauren is the perfect ambassador to get the job done. She has first hand experience herself as a cyclist and outdoor person extraordinaire to know the details that really matter - and what’s required. She listens extremely well and sees that things get done and communicates clearly and explicitly and takes all the effort off your to do list. Most of all she has a joy for living and what she is doing. Take a look at her Instagram and one look at that smile will tell you it's for real.

    Maryann B Santa Cruz, CA
  • Lauren and Sue are a fantastic team of knowledgeable cycling guides who went above and beyond to make the tour experience nothing but spectacular!

    Terry S Nashville, TN
  • We had an absolutely great time on our tour of Vermont. Every step of the tour was well planned and made it easy for us to just ride (and eat and drink). Each of the Inns we stayed at were top notch, with very nice rooms and wonderful breakfasts. The bike routes were challenging but well-chosen to show off Vermont's beauty. Guides Sue and Lauren were simply outstanding. They gave us great guidance, tons of support and encouragement, and were on top of every logistical detail. Best of all they were great fun to be with and excellent riders to be with. Just a fantastic experience end to end and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in a high-quality bicycle touring experience.

    Chris W Hershey, PA
  • My wife and I selected a six-day, Hudson River bicycling tour not knowing what to expect. By tour’s end, we left enchanted by the natural beauty, tasty dinners and historical sights along the way. What makes a one-week bike trip truly memorable? The guides of course. Without daily guidance and support, the slightest hitch can spoil the experience. This is where Lauren proved invaluable. With a winning smile and caring attention, she made sure that the trip moved seamlessly from day to day, from hill to dale, from superb dinners to healthy lunches. Lauren’s diverse experience with biking, hiking, skiing and trekking allows her to handle any contingency with a smile and efficiency. While she might be an expert at planning a trip for you in the USA, Europe or Asia through her vast network, should you be lucky enough to have her accompany you, you will get the most out of the adventure.

    Krish & Martine Oakland, CA
  • Amazing

    She is amazing: cheerful, reliable, unflappable, full of helpful hints, with a wide range of tour possibilities and travel experience in her bag.

    Bonnie P. & Roger T. Arlington, Massachusetts
  • Lauren goes the extra mile - is diligent and thoughtful. Working with Lauren is a great indication of how wonderful your trip will be.

    Victoria C. New York City
  • Lauren made all of our cycling adventure dreams come true. My wife was so surprised when she opened her 40th birthday present to see we were going abroad to do her absolute favorite thing in the world. Lauren helped guide me through the process and even helped plan the surprise with me. She is so personable and caring. Her love of cycling and knowledge is the best around. We are forever grateful for this experience!

    Linda & Sunny W. Bellingham, Washington
  • Lauren is such a joy and pleasure to work with. Her sunny personality and diligence is impeccable. Lauren went above and beyond helping my boyfriend Trevor and I plan our bike tour. It was a wonderful unforgettable experience and we are grateful for Lauren’s expertise and passion for cycling!

    Katie M. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • We only wish we discovered Lauren sooner! We had spent countless hours scouring the internet reading about bike tours only to end up totally overwhelmed and unable to make a decision. When we met Lauren (biking Bike-MS’ CCG this past summer), it came up in conversation and she mentioned she’d be happy to help guide us in the process. We could not be happier that we connected with her! Lauren was prompt and attentive - and available whenever we had a question - we felt confident and assured that someone had our back and whose main concern was our happiness in the end.

    Bill & Heather K. Jacksonville, Florida
  • Lauren is like the Siri of adventure travel! except she never gives you attitude.

    Leon V. San Clemente, California
  • Lauren defines what client service should be. She deeply cares about understanding her clients' needs before developing and clearly articulating a solution. If it hadn't been for Lauren, I would not have been fortunate enough to enjoy your bike tours, and become the long-term client that I am now. She has such a passion for what she does and for helping others that I am now a huge Lauren fan and would imagine anyone that comes into contact with her feels the same.

    Art S. Kansas City, Missouri
  • I have worked with Lauren for several years now. Lauren has been absolutely wonderful! She always responds rapidly to my emails or phone calls. She always finds a way to make things work the best for my wife and me, and makes us feel like we are part of the family. Lauren's expertise on the details of the many cycling tours always helps us to decide which tours best work for us. Lauren could not be more professional, courteous, caring and helpful. My wife and I appreciate everything Lauren does for us and for her friendship!

    Marlin S. Houston, Texas
  • Lauren has been an incredible group tour organizer for us! She is extremely responsive, easy to work with, personable, and efficient. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to plan a fun, exciting, bike tour!

    Peggy S. Fort Collins, Colorado
  • In planning my two summer tours, Lauren has been very helpful and prompt in providing the information that I needed and she is always cheerful and never pushy. She was also very accommodating with a couple of special requests I made, which I really appreciated. She is a delight to work with!

    Jonathan B. New York City
  • Lauren has been immensely helpful working with my wife and I. We had hit a wall in our search to find a bike tour that would meet the needs of both of us (myself, the avid cyclist, and my wife, the non-rider), satisfy my criteria for a challenging and scenic route, and provide Danielle with thoughtful options as a non-cycling companion.

    Paul G. Ridgefield, Connecticut
  • Lauren was my go-to expert as I rapidly fired random questions at her for over 3 months. Lauren handled every question timely and thoroughly and gave me supreme confidence in my final decisions. My questions were very specific and her answers were very detailed. Lauren was very personable and easy to talk to. She double-checked the tour’s restaurants against my wife’s allergies and always had the appropriate documents for any other concerns I might have. She even checked back in when I told her I wasn’t ready to make a decision until after I got back from another vacation. Lauren is an A+ travel consultant and I can’t wait to go back to her again for our next trip needs!

    Chau N. & Kate R. Brooklyn, New York
  • Lauren has been helping us find cycling tours and handle the details of deposits, flights, ideas for hotels before and after for over 8 years. She is amazing: cheerful, reliable, unflappable, full of helpful hints, with a wide range of tour possibilities and travel experience in her bag. Lauren is such a joy to work with. As we get older and less ambitious and more particular in our tour choices, she seamlessly adjusts to accommodate our needs. We recommend her to our friends who are interested in exploring tours of all kinds. We expect to continue working with her as long as we are able to take tours.

    Bonnie P. & Roger T. Arlington, Massachusetts

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