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Bike touring is hands-down, the best way to travel.

It’s healthy, can be challenging, and you’ll see your travel destination in a completely unique way.

But if you’re inexperienced, you might be a bit overwhelmed when you imagine biking miles upon miles on vacation.

I’m here to tell you not to worry: first of all, we’re there to support you, and there’s a lot you can do to make your first cycling tour a success.

Be comfortable on your bike before you leave home
You’ll want to be comfortable biking regularly before leaving for your trip, especially as you could be biking between 15 and 50 miles per day, depending on which tour you choose.

It’s great if you can get going after a couple of minutes of getting used to your bike, but it’s even better (and a confidence boost!) if you can hop on and ride off right away.

While we have options for intermediate levels to expert levels, you won’t want to feel stressed because you’re having trouble controlling your bike, or that your new gear is giving you blisters.

Know you’re going to be hungry
You’ll be very active during the tour and that means you’ll be burning loads of calories. This means you’ll probably be hungry not just when it’s meal time, but all day long.

Make sure to enjoy the delicious meals, and even get seconds if you need to. We’ll make sure we stop off at some of the best restaurants around, so we can refuel properly.

Pack your bag, and then take out half
It’s great that you want to be well-prepared for your cycling tour, but I promise you don’t want to be carrying a heavy bag after a day of biking. Besides, most of the times you won’t use half the stuff you’ve packed!

If you decide you definitely need everything you packed, then it’s a good thing we provide van support. Just in case.

What we take care of
When doing research on preparing for your first bicycle tour, you’ll stumble upon dozens of tips about camping, getting the right gear, making sure you know your route, and setting goals. When you join our tours, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

We set up the itinerary, which will include the cycling, quality accommodations, and delicious and nutritious meals. We can provide the bike and, of course, there’s emergency support in case of flat tires or broken chains.

And if you’re worried about the mileage, why not try our Boulder, Bryce & ZionTexas Hill CountryGlacier National Park, or Moab & The Back of Beyond tours, perfect for a first cycling tour!

All you have to do is book a tour, get on your flight, and enjoy.

Used by permission of Lizard Head Cycling Guides.

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